Repair, calibration and certification of Auto refractometers


We perform the verification on any type of Autorefractor. We issue a measurement certificate with the list of measured values. We use a set of test eyes certified by the CNR National Institute of Optics in Florence. If the tool highlights critical issues, they will be reported, and if possible a quote for the recovery will be communicated. Verification can be performed in our laboratories or at the customer's.

If European regulations for consumer protection become stringent, who protects opticians and ophthalmologists? How can you help the optician or ophthalmologist be sure that the instruments are precisely calibrated?
Hence the need arises to have checks with stable reference samples that allow every optician or ophthalmologist to offer, on the one hand, an excellent visit and, on the other, to demonstrate the precision and reliability of the instrumentation in case of disputes and complaints. The legislation now in force for consumer protection assumes that the precision and reliability of the instrument must be demonstrated.

It must become a good habit for the optician or ophthalmologist to periodically check the accuracy of an instrument as important as the auto refractometer. We can carry out the verification both in the laboratory and at home and we issue a document certifying the accuracy of the instrument. The verification is performed with lenses certified by the CNR National Institute of Optics of Florence,

Set of Test Eyes certified by the National Institute of Optics (CNR).

Alongside the set of test eyes certified by the CNR Istituto di Ottica of Florence which are used to check the autorefractors. The set of verification eyes also has 1 eye for cylinder and axle verification. This fully complies with ISO standards. In particular ISO 10342 which describes the characteristics of the eyes that make up the calibration set.



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