Ophthalmic lasers

Repair and calibration
  • We perform calibration of lasers Laserex, Ellex, Alcon and many others. We also service devices not supported by the parent company.
  • On all Ophthalmic Lasers we perform Installations, Preventive Maintenance, Alignment of spot formers, Verification of energy and power emitted.
  • Free diagnosis in our laboratories.

Restore an Ophthalmic laser

Often the restoration of an ophthalmic laser is possible through the analysis of the cavity and the measurement of the voltages applied to it. The second step is the calibration of the set power/energy and the one emitted. Subsequently, the efficiency of the safety devices connected to the beam is checked. Alignment of the aiming beam and electrical safety checks complete the operations. At the end of all this, a report is drawn up which indicates the state of efficiency of the Laser. 

Photodestroyer lasers

NsYag laser 1064nm capsulotomy and iridotomy, class 3B and 4

Photocoagulator lasers

Laser chirurgici per distacchi di retina, Classe 4 

Photoactivator lasers

Laser for PDT photodynamic treatment

Photogenerator lasers

Laser for SLT treatments, Selective Trabeculoplasty