ATS Innovation Srl was born from its founder, Roberto Signori, to create a new innovative reality that can be a reference point for consultancy andtechnical assistance in ophthalmology. Created in 2021, it is a unique company born from the union of three different disciplines: mechanics, optics and electronicsIts goal is, in fact, to provide technical support for electromedical devices used in the field of ophthalmology. Why is it uniqueOne of the characteristics of the sector in which it operates, ophthalmology, is that of having a slower technological development than other specializations. In addition, distributors do not have the ability to have in-house support due to the race to the bottom of equipment prices. This means that it is not convenient for them to train technicians specialized in the repair of specific machinery and that, for this reason, they turn to specialized technical assistance centers such as ours. The company is therefore able to make up for the lack of a fundamental service: that of preventive maintenancethat allow you to evaluate the performance and prevent equipment failures. For all these reasons the company is a point of reference for consultancy and technical assistance for all the equipment used in the field of ophthalmology, with the aim of arriving at a national and, in the future, also international level.

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