Repair examples

Our repairs
Examples of problem solving

Here are some examples of repairs performed in our laboratories.

  • Calibration and repairs on Applanation Tonometers.
  • Cleaning of Yag Laser optical paths for energy restoration
  • Certified alignment and calibration of automatic, electronic and manual lensmeters.
  • Restoration of probes for Biometrics and Pachymetry.


…and much more.

Contact us and tell us your problem, we will take care of solving it!

Photocoagulator Laser Cavity

A clean optical path makes the laser more efficient and extends its life

Cleaning a laser light path can increase power output by up to 60%.

In a Yag Laser the simple cleaning of the attenuator allows an increase in energy of 30%. The cleaning of the final mirror of 10%. By periodically maintaining your ophthalmological lasers, you can guarantee safe and prolonged use over time. If periodic maintenance is performed right from installation, the internal components will never be put under stress and therefore it will not be necessary to replace them in a short time. Sometimes the cost of a laser cavity equals the cost of the laser itself.